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Review by a homeschool student.

"I am in the sixth grade. I use SOS as my schooling after trying many other curriculums. When I do my SOS it is fun and challenging. I get to watch movies (on the computer) I also watch "tiny tutors" which is a real teacher giving you tips or facts. At any time I may look at my own grades even before my mother.

Sometimes the computer will give me an F on the problem because I put down sea and the answer was water. My mother can go and erase the grade and put in the proper grade at the click of a button. Even though the computer grades all the work you still can go and look at all the child's work and change the grades. The teacher mode is the only  section in the process on which you can change grades and you need a password to enter this (you pick a password when you set up the process.) so you can make this off limits to the student.

It is also very convenient to do a quiz as it will warn you and let you go and review the lesson. If you go to "review mode" at the bottom of the page were all the school is shown the child, not needing any password, can look at her grades and previous  work. However, the child may not change the grades or answers. SOS is a wonderful program and I enjoy it very much. It is based on the bible so I get a clear under standing of Gods word. I highly recommend this program.


Review by a homeschooling Father.

We have been a homeschooling family ever since our oldest was in
kindergarten (he is now in 10th grade). We are a growing family of a mom, a dad, six sons and two daughters. We have five children enrolled in our homeschool. Over the years we have tried several different curriculum packages and several different approaches to homeschooling. Last school year we started using Switched-on Schoolhouse.

Our motivation for switching to Switched-on Schoolhouse was based upon the fact that it eliminates 90 - 95% of paperwork involved with
homeschooling. In other words, homeschool parents can focus on their
children's education rather than on the mound of "busy work" that can
frustrate even the most organized parents. Parents no longer have to worry about creating lesson plans or the grading of lessons, quizzes, and tests because the program does it for you. Parents no longer need to be frustrated over their children's failures because with Switched-on Schoolhouse you can have them re-do a lesson, a quiz, or a test with the click of a mouse

My wife was feeling over-whelmed with homeschooling up until we
discovered Switched-on Schoolhouse. Now she enjoys being a homeschool mom. Ienjoy being a homeschool dad as well.

There is one downside to Switched-on Schoolhouse: Each child should have their own computer in order to get their work done. If you use all 5 core subjects (Bible, Math, Science, History, and Language) for each child (and we do) it takes 4 to 5 hrs. a day to complete the work. Our family owns 5 computers presently. We purchased used computers via the internet for around $250.00 each which includes the computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculum costs around $200.00 per grade level which includes all 5 core subjects. It is re-usable over and over again. If you have several children, this helps with the expense involved since it can be passed on to another child.

As far as I am concerned Switched-on Schoolhouse is a blessing from
heaven. So what if they sit in front of a computer 4 to 5 hours a day! It isa whole lot better than watching TV or playing video games! Scheduled breaks can take care of those tired eyes.
Pastor Steve Smith

NEGATIVE:  Review by a homeschooling Mother of four.

I'll  tell you all about Alpha Omega's Switched on Schoolhouse.   The graphics are very interesting, and there is virtually no paperwork for parents to keep up with.  That's really about all the  positive I can say about it.  

There is alot of reading which gets hard on the eyes because it's all on a computer screen. The child cannot guide their reading with their finger.  The spelling consists almost entirely of crossword puzzles in which they have to scroll up and down several times to answer and they have to move the mouse to each square to place in the letter. Very time consuming and tiresome.

There is no teacher manual of any kind.  In the teacher mode, you can get the answers, but that's all.  You can call the Alpha Omega school for helps, but most of the time, they wouldn't be able to help you for several days or even weeks.

Sorry I couldn't be more positive. Some may love it.  It just didn't work for us.

About the reviewer-- Meloni Cutberth.  This coming year will be her 6th year to homeschool.  Meloni has a 13 (almost 14) year old daughter, 10 year old daughter, 2 year old daughter, and 9 month old son and their next blessing is due in Dec. Meloni and her husband Anthony will be married 17 years this September. They are both born again Christians.  Thanks so much to Meloni for taking time from her busy schedule to give this review!

Homeschool Mother of two:

We are currently using Switched on Schoolhouse for both my 7th and 3rd grader.  My children were very excited about the prospect of doing almost all their schoolwork on the computer.  I was excited about the lessening of paperwork and grading.  Now, halfway through the year that is but a distant glimmer.

Within the first few weeks my 3rd grader could not get into some of the Dynamic Learning areas of his Math program.  Call them glitches or what have you, but they increased over time, as did other technical difficulties.  I would watch him answer a Math problem or correct an English sentence only for it to be called wrong, knowing that it was correct.  Now, every day I have to go back through each lesson to check if questions are correct, or to check to see what math problems my son wasn't allowed to answer.


My daughter who is the 7th grader, is also  frustrated.  Many times information will come up on quizzes or tests that was barely mentioned in the previous lessons. While main thoughts or points are neglected altogether.


  I have been homeschooling for 7 years, this year  has probably been the most frustrating for me.  I feel I can't trust what has been graded, either because the program has incorrectly marked work or that work that has been done by my children is not credited as being done. 

For those of you who love this program because of it's ease of grading, are you checking to see if your children are getting credit for their correct answers?  And that some of their answers that are being marked as wrong really are wrong?  I have no plans to ever use the SOS curriculum again, it did not provide the ease of schooling that it promised it would.  

                                                                                              Sincerly,   Tina

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