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Used Abeka Curriculum - Cost Cutting Tips

Used Abeka CurriculumI need to issue a warning, the cost-cutting techniques mentioned here for used Abeka curriculum will save you money but they will cost you more time and effort in preparation. Not suggested for the beginning homeschooler.
  1. Create your own test by locating important information in the Abeka textbook such as subtitles, bold lettering, words in italic, pictures, underlined words or maps. Quiz on the vocabulary of the chapter.
  2. Only buy an Abeka test key (instead of the test) and give the test orally, or type up the tests yourself. This can also be done with the quizzes.

  3. Instead of testing, asks the child to summarize what he has read, make an outline of the chapter read, give a presentation to other family members, or make a poster.

  4. Older editions of used Abeka textbooks can save you money. When Abeka revises books, at times they change the book entirely. These books would be marked NC or Not Compatible. More often, Abeka changes a few minor things or switches chapters around and the book remains Compatible with the newer edition. We label this book with an asterisk * after the title and an explanation in the description. Compatible means that the older edition will line up with the newer edition. Abeka signals this in their catalog with an Older editions that are marked NC or *compatible* are generally 50 - 75 % off retail price. Purchasing older used A beka Curriculum can save your family money!

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