Abeka Used Books! Get them at usedhomeschoolbooks.com!

Abeka Used Books! Get them at usedhomeschoolbooks.com!

Welome, Abeka is such a great curriculum and used by many Homeschool families and Christian schools

If you have been gifted some used Abeka and need to fill in some books please check our site.  We can help  you match up editions to get the books you need.

Are you new to Abeka and just starting out? Browse our Abeka store in the grade you are needing.  Abeka has many great readers, Bible Flash a Cards, teacher keys, student books and Curriculum/Lesson plans.  All to help you on your homeschool journey.

We receive books in daily so if you don’t see what you need please keep checking or give me a call at 308-350-0335.

If  are a seasoned Abeka user and need older editions please check our site.  We have many editions and conditions in all grades and all subjects!

We also have alot of subjects sets in Abeka, these are very handy,  all you need for 1 subject in one click!  Here is a link to our Pinterest page for all subject sets in one place,

There is more Abeka on our Overstock page and Clearance section, please read the descriptions about the conditions.

On our Featured item line on our Homepage we have our Sales shown, many of which are Abeka curriculum.  We also have all our  Sales listed on our Pinterest page

We buy all our curriculum from homeschool families, Christian and Charter schools, so we have a little bit of everything.

We use Facebook and Twitter to also keep you updated on what we have in Abeka Stock

As always feel free to call me at 308-350-0335 to chat about Abeka books or email me at sh@usedhomeshoolbooks.com

It is always fun to chat with homeschool moms and dads!