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Used Abeka books & Used Abeka Curriculum

 Used Abeka books & Used Abeka Curriculum At Second Harvest Curriculum usedhomeschoolbooks.com we have a lot of people ask, “Why Abeka?” Well, the answers are plentiful starting with Abeka offers ALL grades for Homeschool families. Everything from K4 to grade 12 is covered in Abeka with all subjects including electives. Abeka is one of the most trusted Christian curriculums for teaching and learning biblical values since 1972! Originally, Abeka was written for schools so .

How Do You Shop for Used Homeschool Curriculum?

The reason I ask is the past 3 winters have been very busy for us at Second Harvest Curriculum www.usedhomeschoolbooks.com   Homeschool Families and Christian Schools are buying and selling a lot of used homeschool books this time of year.  Historically winter months are slower times. While talking to Homeschool moms on the phone I find that researching homeschool materials, types of curriculum and places to sell used books is an ongoing process. My amazement .

Grandparents, So Many Gifts to Bring!

If you are fortunate to have family members who support you in your homeschooling venture, congratulations! Today I am going to share about Grandparents and the experience they can bring to your homeschool. There are many names for Grandparents, here I am going to use Grandma & Grandpa. We get many calls from Grandparents here at Second Harvest Curriculum, www.usedhomeschoolbooks.com ; particularly Grandma’s who want to help a grandchild “catch up”.  As one Grandma .


ABEKA: HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING Teacher Guide is a day-by-day lesson plan for teaching and reviewing. Answers to the textbook in science and history of older editions may be found in the teacher guide/curriculum. Teacher Editions contain a student text with answers included. Also, a scope and sequence and sample lesson plans. Again, answers for older editions of science and history may be found in the Teacher Guide Curriculum. Teacher Key .

Selling your Used Homeschool Books to Second Harvest Curriculum

Used Homeschool Books sorted and organized? Check! Ready to Sell? Check! The decision has been made to sell your books, so where do you sell or how.   It can be so overwhelming with all the choices and ways to sell used books. Let me share with you how Second Harvest Curriculum usedhomeschoolbooks.com purchasing program works. Second Harvest Curriculum has provided a place for Homeschool Families and Christian Schools to sell their used Bob Jones, .